Our R&D Platform

Growing Single Strains for Novel Therapeutic Use

Through our R&D platform, we draw on our unique expertise to identify innovative groundbreaking treatments based on single strains of keystone bacteria, such as Christensenellaceae and other promising families. 

YSOPIA Bioscience has chosen to develop single-strain biotherapies which are based on a carefully selected bacterial strain to become a drug candidate. Using single strain bacteria to develop drug candidates offers several advantages, such as a very well characterized biology. Their genome is known and therefore, they are easy to gene-edit to rapidly identify essential functions involved in their mechanism of action. Hence, their multimodal mode of action is better characterized.

Finally, they are produced through a perfectly controlled manufacturing process, easily scalable and as results we will be able to offer an innovative and cost-efficient therapies.

Our added value consists in a rigorous selection process to develop only keystone bacteria with strong therapeutic potential to restore missing functions.


Our R&D platform is built on a unique proprietary library of characterized bacterial strains, protected by strong intellectual property rights.

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New strains are regularly added to our proprietary library through in-house discovery activities and in-licensing activities to grow our portfolio of strains with strong therapeutic potential to treat diseases with high unmet medical needs. All of our drug candidates must comply with our rigorous selection process, which includes an exhaustive characterization of any new strains (I.e. microbiological, genomic and metabolic).

Potential candidates are selected for their therapeutic potential using our bioinformatic pipeline and a combination of in vitro screening tests specially designed to be compatible with anaerobic bacteria.

Once a candidate has been identified, proof of concept studies are run in appropriate in vivo preclinical models.

Our technology is structured around a pipeline made up of bioinformatics, microbiology, pharmacology, cellular biology and molecular biology expertise tailored to anaerobic bacteria that make up 99.9% of the gut microbiome, to select optimal bacterial strains.

Next, our agile development processes enable us to quickly bring the selected drug candidate bacteria into clinical development with human trials to target for diseases with significant unmet medical needs.  


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