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YSOPIA Bioscience is developing therapies that utilize the power of the human microbiome to modulate clinically relevant pathways in multiple disease states.

The human gut microbiome is immensely diverse. The healthy gut hosts millions of microorganisms made of hundreds of species. Today it is well established that the gut microbiome executes functions that are absolutely required to maintain health.


2 Major Initiatives

To better understand the human microbiome, large human studies have been initiated since 2008, such as the NIH Human Microbiome Project (launched by the USNational Institutes of Health), the American and British Gut Projects, the EU’s MetaHIT (METAgenomics of the Human Intestinal Tract), MyNewGut Project and the Flemish Gut Flora Project.

The overall mission of the Human Microbiome Project is to generate resources to facilitate characterization of the human microbiota to further our understanding of how the microbiome impacts human health and disease. The project is currently in its second phase, known as iHMP, which will create integrated longitudinal datasets from both the microbiome and host from three different cohort studies of microbiome-associated conditions using multiple ‘omics technologies.

Each of these study groups has engaged in providing new computational tools and integrative molecular perspectives on microbial activity during dysbiosis. As a result of creating these multi’omic data resources, the iHMP has opened up new opportunities for data integration in the human microbiome.

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MetaHIT is a project financed by the European Commission, the central objective of which is to establish associations between the genes of the human intestinal microbiota and our health and disease. MetaHIT focuses on two disorders that are increasingly prevalent in Europe: inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and obesity.

Our Microbiome is a unique fingerprint 

Global Human Microbiome Market is projected to reach USD 1,731 million in 2027


The growth of the human microbiome market is largely driven by the increasing focus on the development of human microbiome therapy.

Human Microbiome Market (by region, USD million) 
Source: Human Microbiome Therapeutics report (MarketsandMarkets)

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