Unique Gut Bacteria with Strong Therapeutic Benefit Potential

Christensenella is a highly promising keystone gut bacteria and YSOPIA is the first biotech company to harness its tremendous therapeutic potential.

Since its discovery in 2012, an increasing body of evidence have shown that the Christensenellaceae family plays a major role in the development of a healthy gut microbiome and is missing in many chronically ill patients.

YSOPIA validated the potential of Christensenella for the treatment of obesity and associated metabolic disorders, as well as for Crohn’s disease in a series of foundational proof of concept studies. The seminal work conducted by YSOPIA demonstrating in vivo that our clinical candidate Xla1 limits body weight gain and normalizes several metabolic markers was published in Cells (Mazier et al. 2021).

> Discover safety and first efficacy results of Xla1 biotherapy
YSOPIA demonstrated the potent immunomodulatory properties of Christensenella both in vivo and in vitro and revealed its potential as an innovative microbiome-based IBD biotherapy. Discover our work published in Scientific reports (Kropp et al. 2021)

Microbiome & us
Apr 8, 2022
YSOPIA Bioscience Announces the Appointment of Dr. Jean-Pierre Lehner as New Chairman of the Board of Directors |...
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Apr 8, 2022
YSOPIA Bioscience annonce la nomination du Dr. Jean-Pierre Lehner comme nouveau Président du Conseil d’Administration...
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Press / Media
Apr 14, 2022
     Fabrice Guez, CEO et CFO d’Ysopia Bioscience Observation au microscope de la morphologie de bactéries...
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Mar 15, 2022
Le fonds Health for Life Capital II™ et les sociétés de son portefeuille ont connu une année 2021 exceptionnelle....
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Apr 11, 2022
Karima Relizani, Katy Le Corf, Camille Kropp, Rebeca Martin-Rosique, Déborah Kissi, Guillaume Déjean, Lisa...
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Feb 16, 2022
Samuel Bellais, Mélanie Nehlich, Maryne Ania, Aurore Duquenoy, Wilfrid Mazier, Ger van den Engh, Jan Baijer, Nicole...
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