Academic & industrial partnerships

Our Success Depends on the Partnerships we build



To implement our scientific strategy, we have formed key academic collaborations with:

  • INRAE (French National Institute for Agricultural Food and Environment Research)
  • ICAN (French Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition)
  • University of Bordeaux (France)
  • University of Cornell (USA)
  • University of Reading (UK)
  • University of Valencia (Spain)
  • IHU Marseille (France)


In December 2019, YSOPIA Bioscience and INRAE signed a research partnership to study the anti-inflammatory properties of the gut microbiome.
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We established exclusive industrial partnerships with multiple institutions to explore opportunities for our discovery activities.

Bioaster, Biomeostatis, BIOSE, LUINA BIO and QUAY PHARMA support YSOPIA Bioscience with the characterization and production of our clinical candidates for preclinical development and manufacturing at GMP standards for clinical evaluation.

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